Not Even #Batman AKA @MichaelKeaton \ #theVulture Could SAVE #SpiderManHomeComing Movie\ @SpiderManMovie

Not even Batman himself could SAVE Spider Man Homecoming movie as it turned out to be a waste of my money and my time, again I don’t know why Spider Man wears a mask? If everybody including his villains knows who he is again another illogical plot in this and every other spider man movie, plus they messed up the main villain Vulture storyline and origins, as there was no mention of Oscorp or him getting fired by Oscorp or revenge on Norman Osborn his former boss who stole his ideas and creations hint the vulture suit or did he suck the youth out of young people as he is known to do they just made Vulture AKA Batman\ Michael Keaton into a weapons dealer not a disgruntled employee looking for payback as the Spider Man 90’s cartoon origins goes, so again a waste of my money and my time on this Spider Man Homecoming movie they ruined


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