My Verse or #poem for @RealPaigeWWE and @PrideOfMexico AKA #AlbertoDelRio inspired by @Eminem\ #Eminem and @SkylarGrey\ #SkylarGrey and my EX-Girlfriend

Relationships are too much of a hassle

And in the end I am just seen as an asshole

So instead of you feeling like a hostage

In my castle and I am Ariel Castro

Why don’t cha escape like El Chapo?

Instead of us ending up in a chapel

As you will only love me if I had the capital

Therefore to you I’m just collateral

Because all we do is battle, leave our cages rattled

And cause ourselves to have another fiasco

So why go down this road that we’ve already traveled?

Because being with me will only leave you baffled

I’ll admit that our love was like winning a raffle

But if you cut deep into what we had like a scalpel

All you’ll see is just another asshole

Is whatcha made me out to be!


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