P.T.2 verse of mine based on my second Ex and inspired by #Eminem\ @Emienm

You don’t know whatcha gonna get

When she comes around

As she’s always up, she’s always down

She is a bipolar coaster

And at first you might love how it sounds

Until you’re replaced by a high roller

And she’s giving you the cold shoulder

While forgetting your face

And blowing town

That’s when you realize it’s all over

As you’re left in your tears to drown

And as the years go by you become colder

Because you thought she’d be your Bonnie

And that you would be her Clyde

That you two would ride together until the day you die

Now you wished that your worlds never collide

Because the pain she gave you has turn to suicide

As you sit in your room yet to decide if you wanna live or die

As it took me 8 years before that pain subside

And I regained my pride, because all I felt was the anger inside

Of all of the shame of all of the wasted years I cried

Over a broad, a dame who traded me up for a hot rod

And played my heart as if my heart was a game


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