Tic-Tac-Toe’s first verse of mine inspired by #Eminem\ @Eminem

The way I’ve endured hell

You can say I’m like a Duracell

Because I keep going, going and going

And last longer than wedding vows

See most of my life has been a prison cell

As I’ve been doing 25 to life since I was twelve

Since the day that I had put my pen to paper

And came at this world like a hell razor

It’s why most wish my mother never went into labor

Because I didn’t come to be anybody’s savior

But to be your annihilator

As you’ll find that my intensity is unwavered

But I do savor all of the hate from you haters

And let my words cut you down like a lightsaber

Every time I put my pen to the paper

Especially if shit’s goes down like an elevator

So coming at me isn’t doing you any favors

But bringing you closer to seeing your creator

As I’m like an asteroid that will destroy your ass

And leave nothing of you but a crater

Of where you used to be after I’ve turned you into ash

And leave you to choke on your words like I’m Darth Vader

As you’re on a crash course like Paul Walker’s trashed Porsche

As I’m not here to go back and forth like some tuggawar

Or will I have any remorse after I make you feel my force

As I won’t stop even if my voice goes hoarse

Or will I soften up like porridge

As my tongue is like nunchucks from Chuck Norris

Now go straight to the chorus


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