My revised #world #pome called Makes Me Wanna Scream inspired by #MichaelJackson and #Tupac

We’ve got ISIS

Leaving those in their wake lifeless

And every other kind of crisis

Rising gas prices

And everybody has got their own vices

Or they have got their own advises

While there are those who are alone

And are left to their own devices

Either to wander the streets with no homes

Left to be rolling stones

Or they can’t escape their warzones

But we sit there like kings and queens

On our thrones

And have everything that we dream

And go wherever we wanna roam

But what we don’t have we moan

And conjure up schemes

And find ways to condone

Our violent means

And killing those with our drones

And while we have trust funds, cellphones and guns

And we are on every drug like fiends

There are those without nickels or dimes to loan

And it makes me wanna scream

It’s like we love repeating the same themes

Because all I see are killing sprees

And us cutting down trees

Stealing from those in need like thieves

Spreading hate like it’s a disease

While we poison the air we breathe

And only care for our oil or greed

And attacking those based on their creed or race

Even though the color red is what we all bleed

No matter where in life we are placed

But all we want is rights to our weed

As we leave nature to be defaced

And the poor and hungry displaced

And this is the world our seeds will inherit

And as parents we should be embarrass

Because in our own ways we are all terrorists

Trapped in our terror cells, going in circles like carousels

And with all of our awareness we still acted careless

While saying to all of our good days farewell

Only wanting to chase gold karats on sticks

Only caring for what we wanna cherish

And only looking for a quick fix

While letting so many of us to perish

Forgetting that our world needs to be fixed

Man! We all should be or feel embarrass

Is this the world we want our seeds to inherit?


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