My updated freestyle #rap battle diss inspired by #Eminem\ @Eminem and #JayZ

Man you think you’re the next EM

But all I see is plagiarizing by a robber

Plus you should swallow that phlegm

Because all I can see is slobber

Are you a toddler?

Wait! Don’t bother answering that

As I don’t care what stage of life you’re at

Plus all I can hear are words

That is getting slaughtered

Or a cat is getting rapped

So shut that gape that is your mouth

Before I get out the duct tape!

And you say that you spit flames

No dude! What I spit is off the chain

My flows need a straightjacket

As my rhymes are beyond insane

And what you spit is fucking lame

You’re like a dull hatchet you can’t even hack it

So you should quit the rap game

And give us back your fifteen minutes of fame

And while you’re at it just like the scarecrow

You should asked the wizard for a brain

Ergo your flows suck so leave it to us pros

Before your tongue gets sprain!


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