Tic-Tac-Toe’s Sick Ending revised\ remastered #freestyle #rap verse of mine inspired by #Eminem\ @Emienm

See I don’t shoot the shit

I shoot the asshole

That called me a prick

It’s why my flows are so masterful

Spit flows like I’m the king of the castle

Spit flows that are as sharp as a scalpel

It’s why my flows go so deep

Because we all have got issues to tackle

But mine go deeper than my skin tissue

But to you I’m just a carcass and you’re just a Jackal

As I am just a narcissist trapped in your target

But I’m no starving artist, just obese since the day I started

A beast unleashed ready to leave you discarded it

See you’re digging yourself a huge hole

But you ain’t gonna escape like El Chapo

Because I’ll chew you up and spit you back out

Like you’re tobacco, so quit

Before I leave ya hanging yourself

Inside your jail cell like you is Ariel Castro

Or like a construction worker from a scaffold

Or you’re left to gravel at my feet

Because your façade is so crackable

As you will lose if we go to battle,

As you’re up shit creek without paddle

So retreat before I leave ya baffled

Or I leave ya knocked out like Janay Rice

As I am coming atcha like a football tackle

Because like Ray Rice I don’t play nice

Now you know why I’m referred as an asshole!

Because I’ll leave ya hotter than Tabasco

See if you wanna come at me

Than you better come at me harder

So much for me being an archer

Because this turn out to be a head shot

Oops! Wink, wink! I missed the apple

Now you’re just another afterthought

Or should I say you’re laughable!

Hope you’ve got yourself a burial plot?

Because this is me taking an aerial shot

Blasting through your stereo nonstop

See I’m so unorthodox

Where do I come up with these thoughts?

And even though I can drop these thoughts

Honestly my stomach is in knots

As I’m afraid I’ll fuck up if I’m put on the spot

I’m just a Pandora’s Box of evil thoughts

All up in your space like an astronaut

So high on myself even I need detox

Yeah! I know I’m as crazy as a fox

But see I am just all talk

But if you push me, you better change your locks

Because you chickens are about to fly the coop

Especially if I show up on your block

With two glocks in my hands

Like I am the ghost of Tupac

So you better call in the troops and the cops

I’m killing this like I’m the illest emcee

So you all can call me Pistorius B.I.G.

So notorious everybody knows me

As the man who’ll shoot you on can

While you’re taking a pee

Now she wished she changed up her plans

Because see I thought she was an intruder

So I emptied out my whole Luger

And shot her in her hooters

Now that bitch wished I never include her

As she got more than just being neutered

And I was only there just to be her tutor

And now you know why you won’t be victorious

If you’re thinking of going up against me

Because mentally I’m coming atcha all so intently

Therefore you all don’t wanna fuck with me

I think you should lock me up and throw away the key

And commit me because see I’m more crazy than Brittany

Shaved head or not, Houston we have a problem

I’m in the bathtub with Bobbi Kristina and Whitney

Getting my dick rubbed after I’ve dug them up

And gave them my chub and take it to them slow like a slug

So when I make love to these two rigamortis hoes it last when I blow

See the good thing is I don’t need to drugged them up for them to say yes

Or do I gotta rip off their dress by force and drag them into the forest

Or ground them up after I am done into my porridge

And serve it up to an unexpected tourist

Now you wish that my freestyle had jumped to the chorus

Because I don’t think you can take any more of my lack of remorse

Ah! Fuck It this rap is overkilled and beyond done!


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