My Longer Version of my #freestyle\ #rap\ verse inspired by #Eminem\ @eminem and #Slaughthouse\ @Slaughterhouse

See I don’t shoot the shit

I shoot the asshole

That called me a prick

See you’re digging yourself a hole

But you ain’t gonna escape like El Chapo

Because I’ll chew you up and spit you back out

Like you’re tobacco

Leaving you hanging yourself

Like you’re Ariel Castro

Because you know that you’ve just got caught

It’s why you’re left baffled

This is a head shot

Oops! I missed the apple,

Now you’re just another afterthought!

So I hope that you’ve picked out your burial plot?

Because I know that this isn’t one scenario

That you had thought up when I took your spot

See I’m so unorthodox

That you won’t know what I am thinking

I’m just a Pandora’s Box of evil thoughts

All up in your space like an astronaut

So high on myself that I need to detox

See I don’t just think outside of the box

But I put the box outside and leave it to rot

Yeah! I am crazy as a fox

It’s why you’ve gotta change your locks

On your chicken coops

Because you chickens

 Are gonna wish you had flew the coop

When I show up on your block

With two glocks in my hands

Like I’m the ghost of Tupac

Yeah! I am Pistorius B.I.G

So notorious everybody knows me

As the man who’ll shoot you on can

While you’re taking a pee

So you all better change up your plans

If you’re thinking of going up against me

Because God damn here I go again

Still thinking I’m here to shoot the breeze?

Because I am a maniac that mainly yacks

With my verbal vomit, so zany on every track

I don’t know what’s going to come out of my cranium

Because I do this rap from AM to PM back to AM

And on every stadium that I am at

I’m like Shady when he’s not on crack

It’s why you’re all afraid of me when I snap

Or you all just don’t know how to embrace me

All because my raps come off crazy


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