My comical and revised version of my #freestyle\ #rap\ verse inspired by #Eminem\ @Eminem

See I don’t shoot the shit

I shoot the asshole

That’s called me a prick

It’s why my flows are so masterful

Spit flows like I am the king of the castle

See you’re digging yourself a hole

But you ain’t gonna escape like El Chapo

Because I’ll chew you up and spit you back out

Like you’re tobacco, so quit

Before I leave ya hanging yourself

Like you’re Ariel Castro

Or you’re left to gravel at my feet

Seen as collateral as I am no winning raffle

As you will lose if we go to battle,

As you’re up shit creek without paddle

So retreat before I leave you baffled

Or I leave ya knocked out like Janay Rice

As I am coming atcha like a football tackle

Because like Ray Rice I don’t play nice!

This is a head shot

Oops! Wink, Wink! I missed the apple

Now you’re just another afterthought

Or should I say you’re laughable!

So I hope that you had picked out your burial plot?

Because I know that this isn’t one scenario

That you had thought up when I took your spot

See I’m so unorthodox

That you won’t know what I am thinking

I’m just a Pandora’s Box of evil thoughts

All up in your space like an astronaut

So high on myself that I need to detox

Now all I need is a beat box for my thoughts

See I don’t just think outside of the box

But I put the box outside and leave it to rot

It’s why you can’t put me into a box

So I don’t give a fuck if you give me my props

Yeah! I am as crazy as a fox

It’s why you’ve gotta change your locks

On your chicken coops

Because you chickens

Are gonna wish you had flew the coop

When I show up on your block

With two glocks in my hands

Like I’m the ghost of Tupac

Yeah! I am Pistorius B.I.G.

So notorious everybody knows me

As the man who’ll shoot you on can

While you’re taking a pee

And if the cops show up I’ll probably flee

Go, go gadget dammit my feet turn into skis

Now I need more magic because I am stuck in a tree

As I’ve got the cops telling me to freeze

And get on my knees

Still think I am shooting the breeze?


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