My Verse\ #poem of mine inspired by #OzzyOsbourne\ @OzzyOsbourne

I’m not the snake
In the Garden of Eden
Or am I a heathen
I just stopped believing
Because when I was young and teething
All I knew was pain that left me seething
The back hands, the belt straps of his beatings
That’s why when it comes to love I’m fleeing
Because why would God send me an angel from above?
When everybody I know was always deceiving
Feeding me lies until the day that they are leaving
As their love for me was always misleading
No matter if I am pleading for them to stay
So if my heart today suddenly stops beating
And my lungs are no longer breathing
Would anybody be grieving?
Or will it be the happiest news you’ll be receiving?
Or will you be proceeding without a care?
Or will my demise be a breeding ground for your disguise?
So spare me all your lies because I know
I’m never superseding the image you made of me
Because in your eyes I’m the bad guy

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