Here’s a poem I just wrote called My Love Story\ poem inspired by Queen\ @QueenWillRock’s #FreddieMercury

See when I was younger

Love was something I hungered

Like dreams of getting rich and driving a Hummer

Then I woke from my slumber

Only to notice that I’ve got older

And that love has made me colder

As love gave me nothing but a cold shoulder

Leaving my heart to ice over

Because see the first girl I loved

Took me a while but I finally got bolder

As if I had a four-clover leaf in my pocket

When I asked her out because she said yes

As she had me over the moon like I was a rocket

Thinking I was blessed but what I didn’t know

Is that when things between us came to a blow

I was nothing more than her chauffeur

With my confidence left at an all-time low

That she traded me up for some guy in loafers

And now you know why my heart is a little colder

Like the month of October

Because that’s when it all came crashing down

Like leaves all around when they fall

As all of my smiles have turned into frowns

Because now when it comes to love

My view is sober with a heart that has iced over


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