Tic-Tac-Toe #freestyle #rap of mine inspired by #Eminem\ @Eminem

Are you ready to get it wrong
Like the Mayans?
Because you ain’t bringing the end
Of my world
Even if you are dying to
So don’t test my pride
Because I am like a pissed-off lioness
That will leave your ass minus
Because all I see are snakes in the grass
Who are spineless, cowards who are lying
And yeah! I write rhymes that are timeless
Also it’s not rocket science
That I was born defiant
And I love causing riots
Plus I’ve got game like Kobe Bryant
And the balls to walk up to a giant
And say fee, fie, foe forget the thumb
I’m going straight to giving you the middle one
As I’ve toldcha all I’ve always
Walked to the beat of my own drum
As I love shooting off at the mouth
Like my tongue is a gun

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