My #rap verse to #BlackEyedPeas’s\ @bep’s song Where Is The Love?

We toil with our lives
From nine to five
Just to strive and survive
For money that don’t care
If we are alive
But there are some who complain
If we ain’t loyal
And if their plans get foiled
As they let us die over oil
But still we refused to see
Are own problems on our own soil
It’s why my blood boils
When the spoil wanna be
Treated like they are royals
Because where’s the love?
Because it’s like we coil
Just on the word love!
Because nowadays everybody is quick
To wanna take off the gloves
And are equipped with guns and no love
As everybody just wants to go to war
And let babies wash up on the shores
So again I ask ya where’s the love?
How much heartbreak
Is gotta be brushed under the rug?
Before our heart stings are tugged
Because see we all see it on the T.V.
But still we would rather shrug our shoulders
And be numb by our drugs and send in our soldiers
And not care how many die on the streets by thugs
Be if it’s by cops or by gangers that will leave ya mugged!
So again I ask ya where’s the love?

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