Tic-Tac-Toe’s Controversial #freestyle #rap of mine inspired by #Eminem\ @Eminem and @Slaughterhouse

See don’t be a hater

Like my mother when she went into labor

And gave birth to a psychopath

Because of what I write is dark on paper

Because I toldcha I’ve got a black heart like Darth Vader

With rhymes that will invade your minds

As if I’m like a telepathic invader

Or I’m Charles Manson bringing my family dress as caters

Ringing the doorbell of your mansion!

Because I ain’t here to be anyone’s savior

But coming atchas with a dark side like Anakin

Leaving my opponents frozen like mannequins

So if you are smart than you all will start panicking

Or faggots get drowned while doing water aerobics

Because like the church I’m homophobic

Slaughtering any faggot who wants to acted heroic

A maniac with an axe to grind spitting flows like a poet

Oh! Did I cross a line when I rhymed homophobic?

Don’t like it? Than go suck a dick and blow it

Because I don’t give a shit if you faggots don’t like what I spit

Because the Eminem tranny is back as school is out

But this time I’m more zany and wack than my last rhyme

Though I am still running off at the mouth

And won’t stop until I am Robin Williams hung by a belt

Or I’m Tupac shot for my tongue shooting off at the mouth

Either way I’ve forgot what’s good for my health

So I guess that’s what I get

For going through cancer with no regrets!

So what would make you think I’ll sweat you?

Because I’ve already paid my life’s debts!

And I am no Oscar Pistorius bitch

Sweating bullets while I’m on the toilet

So you all can forget wearing me like a stitch

Because I’m already at the end of my thread

But when it comes to rapping this is my niche

While you wear out rap like it’s a eighties mullets

Because when it comes to your skills you’re full of it!


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