You wanna know what worse than #cancer being a @WWE loyal fan for your whole life!

I just realized I’ve been blocked by #WWE‘s #SethFreakinRollins\ @WWERollins and I don’t know why? My last Tweet I sent never said anything offensive towards him, all I stated is that Monday night’s Rawful missed their opportunity to capitalize on Triple H and Seth Rollins storyline a couple weeks ago with Shawn Michaels by adding more depth or layers in this final tweet of mine
Rawful should’ve had @WWERollins threaten or pedigree @ShawnMichaels to provoked @TripleH to face him instead of delaying their storyline
And sensitive Seth Rollins blocked me for it
Very sad on WWE’s and Seth Rollins part on blocking me, isn’t fucking sad enough that I am going through a difficult cancer treatments called stem cells transplant and it’s even sadder to think that I was once a WWE fan but it’s really getting sicking when WWE promotes the courage conquer cure cancer slogan or WWE be a star anti bullying campaign, but they themselves don’t stand by those words and as I have founded out on twitter that most of the WWE wrestlers I follow have over sensitive fragile egos that if you make one opinion or knock on them or even share an idea or feedback they easily fall apart and start blocking you like #WTF? and these guys say that they are tough, but if any one of these so called tough wrestlers went through half of what I have been though in my lifetime these WWE So called tough guys would be all suicide cases by now
I mean if these so called tough guys all ready have over sensitive fragile egos as is then they couldn’t handle one day in foster or group homes or 10 rounds of #Chemo\ cancer treatments if they were in my shoes!

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