(Remastered) #freestyle Tic-Tac-Toe #rap inspired by #Eminem\ @Eminem

You may wanna take a different route

Unless you wanna cross my psychopath

Because I’m a trainee-ac

Under the tutelage of Slim Shady

Here to be the next maniac

Spitting flows that are so crazy

That I’m sick in the head, mainly yack

Nonstop verbal vomit on every track

And I don’t pay homage unless you’re MJ or Shady

Other than that I’m dropping atomic bombs on this rap

So you all better be like the ghost of Patrick Swayze

And just scat because you all don’t wanna face me

Because nothing that you all can say to me is going to faze me

Therefore exercise your mind and don’t spit rhymes that are lazy

As I’m no starving artist I’ve been obese since the day that I started

With this beast that lurks inside of me that waits for my next target

So baby if you think that you’re special to me you must be retarded

Because I toldcha sluts that when it comes to love I’m cold hearted

Because love to me stinks like the bitch next to me who just farted

And the only relationship I’ll take part in is to be devoted to this rap game

Therefore I won’t stop until my name becomes highly regarded

Or my soul from this world just like Tupac’s has departed

And that’s true talk so until then I am just getting started


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