First verse and chorus from my latest called Broken Homes but not finished yet more to come inspired by #Eminem\ @Eminem

Broken Homes

By Conman


Now picture this

A mixture of drugs and liquor

And the only fixture wasn’t love

But the sound of constant bicker

And my daddy sneaking into mine and my half sister’s

Bedroom when we were sleeping while smelling like liquor

And after he was done we were left in a corner to quiver

With only a flicker of hope and no choice but to cope

In a home so cold that you were left to shiver

Wishing that the days would go by quicker

So you can fight back when you got bigger

And the sad thing was is that our mother was in the same boat

No food in the cupboards, just us hiding behind our mother

In hopes that when dad came home she would give us cover

But instead she only cared about her dope

And getting her next score, looking to get high again

And not giving a fuck how long her children suffered

As it took her five years before she started to act like a true mother

And her conscience and confidence came back to make a stand

As you see for us there was no Superman who would save us

Just her waiting for her old man to black-out, passed out

In one of his stupor again before she made her escape plan

And snuck us all out of the front door of our house

Because she got tired of our lives going sideways

So she got in the car and she floored right out of the driveway

Passed the Biway and a couple of convenience stores

Straight onto the highway until she couldn’t drive no more


So here we go again

Back to packing up our suitcase

To always moving to a new place

To becoming a new face

Among all these two face

To the point where we lose faith

And we can never feel safe

As love is what we always chase

As that’s what it is living in broken homes

And be nothing but a rolling stone


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