Sorry @Dropbox and #JustinTimberlake\ @jtimberlake Also I hope this will clear up any misunderstandings or this #infringementsuit I am currently being pursued as it was clearly unintentional as I hope my blog can come to explain

Don’t know if Justin Timberlake is involved in anyway, shape or form with Dropbox attempting to sue me for unintentional infringement on my poem called Suit and Tie that I recently changed to If You Want To Be With That Girl. Also to note I don’t seek out to profit from any of my lyrics or poems as my lyrics\poems are strictly just a hobby and a passion of mine as I only want recognition for my works not money, but if somebody did offer me money for my lyrics\poems that would be a whole different thing, but until than I am currently not making a money off of my lyrics\poems as my only form of income is O.D.S.P. Ontario Disability government cheques that I get once a month, plus I am currently supported by Community Living Toronto agency, don’t know what Community Living Toronto is? Look it up? but Community Living Toronto along with O.D.S.P. covers me for all of my finances like my rent, food, health care\ cancer treatments and any kind of legal issues like this one that I am currently in with Dropbox and potentially maybe Justin Timberlake
And also I would like to make a sincere apology to Justin Timberlake and Dropbox if they thought that I had deliberately tried to caused any kind of infringement on Justin Timberlake’s Suit and Tie as it was completely unintentional. Also my version was based on my first encounter with my crazy ex at a wedding and how our relationship from there quickly deteriorated and vaporize and how she is now currently all about being materialistic and if you are a wannabe bad boy\ rich than she would easily give you her heart and love and affection, but that is only if your bank account can back it up other than that as I came to unfortunately realize later on in our short lived relationship of how shallow she is along with how greed clouded her mind and judgment and how expendable that I was as she traded me up for a guy who has a knock-off Ferrari\ sports car called Spyder Eclipse that’s what the bases of my poem Suit and Tie now retitled If You Want To Be With That Girl is about
If You Want To Be With That Girl
By Conman
Suit and tie
Is what I will wear
Well she walks into the room
With her blue eyes
New hairstyle, wearing a smile
And a dress that will catch the rooms eye
And for a moment or two
We will lock eyes and stare
Then I will approach you
And ask do you wanna dance?
In hopes that you will say yes
As our gaze turns into a trance
But as we slowly progress into romance
It just took one night of passion
To turn us both into a nightmare
Where we both couldn’t have imagine
And what went from a slight stare
To he said, she said to what the hell happen
To the love that we once shared
That was once offer
Became three months of awkward
And instead of breaking it off with her
I decided to take it further
Not knowing that I was making a mistake
And that she would leave me murdered
So if you wanna be with this girl
You’ve gotta be wearing a suit and tie
And not just have class, but acted bad
Because she only roots for the bad guys
As I wished I knew
And took a different route
Instead of living in a lie
If you really want the truth
Because ninety sunrise has gone by
That I spent with you
And what did I get in return?
Not even a goodbye
Just me getting burned
Well you moved on to the next guy
Without a concern or an alibi
As you’ve got to leave on your terms
Giving me a love that was a disguise
I guessed that is a lesson well learn
So if you wanna be with this girl
You’ve gotta be wearing a suit and tie
And not just have class, but acted bad
Because she only roots for the bad guys
So don’t complain
Her love has to be first class, airplanes
If you wanted it to last
Or she will watch you go up in flames
So if you wanted her love than fill up her glass
With the finest most expensive champagne
And buy her love if you’ve got the cash
So if you wanna be with this girl
You’ve gotta be wearing a suit and tie
And not just have class, but acted bad
Because she only roots for the bad guys

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