Random thoughts inspired by @Eminem and @SkylarGrey

See girl you weren’t just so wicked

But you gave our romance a death certificate

Without giving us a legit true chance to advance

That’s why my attitude towards you had shifted

Into becoming more twisted than a tornado

Because we went from playing footies under the table

To your pussy now becoming so unfaithful

That every time I revisited our past I would go ballistic

As my pen would explode on my notepad like a volcano

With thoughts becoming more and more sadistic

Because how could you just build me up

Only to tear me down like I was made out of Legos

As I thought that you would have my back like NATO

Only to blindside me like what Cain did to Abel

Minus the fact that what we had wasn’t fatal

Though it still hurts me to know that you were capable

Because I always picture you with a halo like an angel

But I guess when the storm past there was no rainbow

Just the destruction that you have carved in your path

Of the aftermath that you had left behind on my heart


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