Why #PrayForJacob? Explain that @CNN @donlemon\ @andersoncooper \ @wolfblitzer \ @ErinBurnett \ @BrookeBCNN \ @jaketapper \ @ChrisCuomo\ @CarolCNN \ @kayleighmcenany \ @CNNSitRoom \ @AC36 \ @realDonaldTrump \ @HillaryClinton \ @BarackObama\ @MichelleObama\ so on and so on #Americans

Why? #PrayForJacob why? #Americans & #America doesn’t ever learn from all their constant #gun tragedies that befalls them so why waste words if it’s going to keep happening again and again and again until there’s either no Americans left standing or they are close to being extinct than America will get desperate and start to care, but until there’s something so apocalyptic that happens don’t expect America to change their #gunlaws because they are happy and content at killing each other and that’s the end of that conversation, so let’s all move on to more important issues, situations and concerns and try solving them because all these gun shootings are nothing more than a running gag or joke to America so why waste our sympathy? Or show them pity? Because next week and the week after and the weeks after and the months and the years later it will still be the same conclusion over and over, again and again where Americans will still die by their guns in the dozens and nothing changes but who or what they they put the blame on instead of taking any legit responsibility and that’s why I am glad not to be an American because here mostly in #Canada lives our values and not expendable where that doesn’t count in America unless you’re famous or a politician or part of the rich class or the elitist in some way or another than your life matters to America other than that most Americans are expendable and disposable and that’s not me saying it clearly how America treats their citizens or veterans everyday in that country and it’s sickening and sad but that’s America’s everyday reality no matter what


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