the second verse to my latest called Cherry Lipstick Kiss On My Picture by Conman inspired by @Eminem & @Realdenace

If I was to be honest about our relationship

Our relationship never had a fair fight

Or was our relationship ever air tight

As you only spared me a few lonely nights

 That’s all you ever did right as our relationship

Went from a can of Sprite to snare remarks about our hair

To a slight stare, to nights that we would come to share

As two hearts in love before turning into a fucking nightmare

Where we would fight, swear, bite and pull each other’s hair

Only for us to make up the very next night

And pretended that everything between us was all right

Only to go back to square one the very next night

As we were too stubborn to ever take the highroad,

Or escalators or elevators or stairs

As we would feed off each other’s despair

Play each other like we were musical chairs

As we were always at each other’s throats

Until there was only one of us left in a chair

As we didn’t care if we had each other’s goats

Or if we became a homicide turn suicide, no note

So don’t dare lie and say that we had a bright side

Because girl I always saw through your blue eyes

And knew that you were only with me based on a dare

But I’ll admit that being with you nothing else compares

No matter how I felt you were always an answer to my prayers


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