My verse to #BlackEyedPeas\ @bep new version of #WheresTheLove? By my #MichaelJackson like persona Songbird

We all want God to give us deliverance

From evil

But we can’t even look past differences

As we are to this day still killing people

While going back to our old ways of having our indifferences

And not caring if it ends for us peaceful

As it seems to me that we love our wars more

Than our own people

As it’s more important to settle our scores

Than it is to feed our own poor

Or to give education instead of incarcerations

Or having everyone addicted to medications

Needing guns for whatever preparation

Not needing love until we are in desperation

So no wonder our anger can’t be ignored

So when egos get sore

Expect bombs to be dropped on nations

Come back our way like a double edged sword

So isn’t it time that love struck accord?

Instead of all this hate and anger

As love shouldn’t be a chore

So where’s the love?


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