Going #Shady by Porta-Shady inspired by @Eminem, @Slaughterhouse , @JoeBudden, @Royceda59, @CrookedIntriago and @JoellOrtiz

Going Shady

By Porta-Shady


So you all can call me Porta-Shady

A true Renegade just like Slim and Jay-Z

Cool as an AC, a pro baby

Still spitting flows that are so crazy

A maniac who can’t wait to go all zany on this track

And make ya all feel my presence like I am Patrick Swayze

Eating up these rappers like they are just pastries

While leaving them all pushing up daisies

So whatever you gonna say ain’t gonna faze me

So you’re better off just learning how to embrace me

Not coming at me all hasty as I don’t give a fuck who hates me

So take some time to think up you’re rhymes before you go and face me

As you don’t wanna come at me spitting flows that sound so lazy

As I am not just here to ransack your place

But forever take your spot

As I am anthrax all up in your face

Always looking to push the envelope

And get up in your space like an astronaut

Than spit lyrical venom like flows with no antidote

And turn you and your momentum into afterthought

So how can anyone expect me to be amicable?

When I am still wilding out like a fucking wild animal

And still flying off the handle with an appetite of a cannibal

Watering at the mouth like a fox in a slaughterhouse

As I don’t just think outside of the box,

But I am the definition of unorthodox

As my competition they are just food for my twisted thoughts

Locked in my lyrical scope with a red dot on their foreheads

As I am ready to drop on my oppositions like warheads

And erase them like a Justin Bieber Instagram account

So instantly scram or be ready for me to pounce

Because I am not bulging out like Anthony Weiner

I am balls out and off the walls is what I am all about

Chopping up my opponents like I am a meat cleaver

Always looking to up the stakes and eat them up like cupcakes

As that’s how I treat all rappers even if their name was Drake

So if you’re putting all your money on me to act proper

Then you’re not just making a huge mistake

But also you will go bankrupt like Gawker

As I don’t need to drink scotch, schnapps, rum or lagers

For all of my thoughts to become fucking vulgar

As I am not rapping to be popular like some

But to be an onslaught out to leave ya slaughtered

As you will end up like Casey Anthony’s toddler

So yeah you should feel antsy because you can’t plan for me

As I’ve always been somewhat off of my rocker

Coming atcha with thoughts that are somewhat improper

Now back to the Casey Anthony’s metaphor of her leaving her daughter

In a forest to be decomposing because that’s how I treat my opponents

After I’ve left them all slaughter, because when it’s all said and done

The only thing that will be left of you will be your clothing

Oh what is my intellect, metaphors and dialect going to in-depth for ya?

Am I posing as a threat? What do you expect? I am a man who lacks respect

Oh! So much on you now doting on me as you’re beating a dead horse

If you’re expecting or asking me to show any God damn remorse

As I love goading you and you loathing me, so fear for your safety

As it’s clear that you’re not safe from me

So be on the Van Go-gh like his ear and escape me

Especially when I am here looking to go all Shady

Going all Shady, going all Shady


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