Hey Everyone on #Twitter wanted to get your guys thoughts if I should go through with my sixth #Cancer treatment called Stem Cell Transplant?

Hey Everyone  wanted to get your guys thoughts or opinions if you think that I should go with the sixth round of Cancer treatment called stem cell transplant, but there are some ramifications I should inform you all about like dying a month or three months after the procedure takes place if not during or in the midst, then there’s disfigurement like severe skin rash that makes you look like a burn victim with other health complications like affecting my organs or my digest system and eyesight that could be crippling for the rest of my remaining life, also my night nurse told me these could be things that can happen but my transplant team\ doctor says these are unlikely scenarios, but I don’t know who to believe as I am currently stuck between a hard place and a rock when making this life-altering decision and on top of that the stem cell transplant only has a 90% chance of curing me and a 10% chance it won’t cure me and I will be back at square one doing this all over again but may not work the next time if my cancer returns plus I was given those exact same odds with chemo treatments back in 2011 and 2012 only to fast forward to August 2015 where the last 11 months back and forth I have been doing 5 rounds of arsenic which I was told had a 95% of curing me which currently I am in remission once more as for how long? I don’t know and neither do my doctors at this point and time to inform you, so again let me reiterate by next Monday July 26th I have to give my decision if I am willing to do it or not this stem cell transplant, but first I am trying to see what other people think and what’s their thought on me doing this deadly but may cure me from my cancer stem cell treatment that is my sixth round of treatment, so again what do you think I should do? Should I go through with the stem cell transplant? Or should I let it be and hope the 5 rounds of arsenic treatments work and hopefully cure me from cancer once and for all, so again what do you think that I should do?


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