#CassiusClay #poem #rap Inspired by #Tupac #2Pac’s music

Cassius Clay

By Conman


So fuck your fascist ways

If you are too blind to see it

Then put on glasses

So you can see it our way

Because we can take a 100 gashes

Get pushed down in every way

And have you whipping our asses

Every day, but we won’t stay down

Because we’ve got the Cassius Clay

Like fighting spirit, as we will

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

Just like Muhammad Ali

As we won’t stop

Until we have passed away

Or free from all of our clashes

So until then we will fight on

Like we’ve got the spirit of Cassius Clay

And won’t stop until it’s our last dawn


So why do we respond to those who skipped classes?

And obviously don’t have any class if they’ve gotta act

Like they are the baddest,

Why are we all about our status?

Attacking abortions, while baby mamas can’t afford them

As we are throwing our babies into trashes

And those who grow up, grow up as orphans

Who can’t shake their own madness

Or escape the havoc of their broken homes

Always wanting unconditional love

But they know that they can’t have it

So they get stoned just to imagine it

While carrying the whole world on their backs

Feeling all alone with the odds stacked

Feeling like God doesn’t have their backs

Only this rod that their not spared

Backs full of scars, backed into a corner scared

That’s why most I know act hard, loved starved

As I know that personally from all my personal setbacks

From all the bad cards that I was dealt and all the hell that I felt

While there are those who are lucky to have greener grasses

And never have to feel the tip of a belt on their asses

Or be left in their slums with hungry months

Lining up just to get their next welfare cheque

While some abuses kids will fall through the cracks

Hoping that there will be a foster home that will be their match

But instead they are snagged up by the prison system

Left in overcrowded cells with black clouds following them

No silver lining just this hell, a place of no dinning

As they get lost in every body’s prayers, while wars are declared

And others are forced to beg for crumbs and live in their rags

Hobos we have come to forget, as we drive around in our Jags

Leaving them pushing their lonely carts, living in parks

Hooked to crack or meth with needle tracks, lost in the dark

Never knowing when it will be their last breath

While homos don’t know where they belong

Only that they will get stoned to death

As gun victims only get caskets

While scums with guns get metals on their jackets

As we all go back to being numb

Acting like it never happened,

Only to reveal it through the lyrics that we all be rapping

Even though we all want Salaam that means peace

So stay calm because I am not looking for beef

I am just saying we are all about dropping bombs

Or being sheep or choking our lungs with gasses

And who’s wearing the latest fashion

No one sees how i-ron-ic? Or how wrong this is?

Are we all that headstrong? A bunch of dumb blondes

Oh God! Progress is slower than fucking molasses

It’s like we all are destined only for clashing

So who needs to take action? Because it isn’t us

When we’ve got all of our many distractions

And we only care for a fraction

While the rest we are suppressing and not addressing

That’s why it’s hard to be grasping and not seeing those starving

As we only care for those we consider as darlings

Be that a poor man while he has to drive a bargain

And probably still get shot like Trayvon Martin

Dropped, forgotten and treated like he still is a Martian

While politicians and lawmakers nowadays are charlatans

Leaving the N.R.A. to hijack lives and get pardons

As bullets fly while leaving souls departing


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