Inspired by #Eminem Called The White Devil’s Twin #freestyle #rap by Tic-Tac-Toe

See I am use to flying off the handle
Like bullets in a nightclub in Orlando
Stepping on toes like you all are wearing sandals
Or like I am a wife beater after to many Jack Daniels
Ready to break into this rap game like vandals
And I don’t need to gang bang it like Marlon Brando
For you all to know that you all can’t hold a candle
And yeah I know this is another Canadian rap
And I am just another Lumberjack in a flannel
Back to causing another scandal
But with an axe to grind
And a mind that is so wacked
That you all probably need a manual
Just to figure my insane ass out
Because it’s like my brain has been hijacked
Or processed by Shady’s ghost and he isn’t even dead yet
But the way my mouth is spitting these flows
You all might just think I am wearing his skin
But really I am just his satanic twin
More evil with the devil within
Making crucifixes spin
With a devious mind
And a mischievous grin
Writing twisted lines
Not giving a fuck if I am walking on a thin line
Because the moment that you
Decide to let me in to your head
That’s the moment that I win
So you’re better off being brain dead
Or knowing how to take it on the chin

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