Just Thinking If It’s Time Now For Me Too Close #MyTwitterAccount

I am just thinking it, but not sure, maybe it’s time I closed this account as I don’t get as much hate or heat on Facebook as I do here on Twitter especially I get more flack and flagged nowadays by WWE and TNA wrestlers who I used to idolize, but due to always being blocked by them all the time for their ironic but thin skins maybe this is a better choice, but unfortunately it will hurt and be detrimental to Gifted and Twisted’s progress and growth, so that’s why I am thinking about it and not trying to let other people’s emotions get to me or my decision as Gifted and Twisted my lyrical label means more to me than anyone or anything dictating my choice as Gifted and Twisted comes first, second and last in my life before anyone else does be if that sounds apathetic or sociopathic like to you all! But Nobody Trumps Gifted and Twisted and that’s the bottom like because I said so and if you don’t like that well too bad for you!


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