Just Like #SandyHook #OrlandoShooting will be another #Footnote

Just like Sandy Hook‘s school shooting of little kids, the shooting that happened in Orlando will be just another footnote like all of America Shootings. Another lesson they won’t learn from, but just a way for them to blame it on who ever is the flavor of the month, or the scapegoat, be ISIS, mental health or usually on the color of one’s skin instead of their Guns and there need for guns and the gay community will be back to being stigmatize and usual bigotry, to stifling or depriving Gays of the same rights or equality that they like we all deserve, it’s just a week or two, maybe a month or six before Americans goes back to their desensitize, apathetic and hypocritical lives and act like nothing ever happened until it happens once again and then they will make another big fuss and farce until they can’t sell it either to their tabloids or social media or to the media than like usual they will move on until the next mass or regular shooting occurs, that’s just typical America Propaganda and response for you, nothing we as other countries can do about it but just repeat ourselves, our empathy, sorrows and our sympathy and just watch it unfold again and again in hopes for a better tomorrow


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