Too @jimmykorderas and @WWE

I hate when someone thinks that they are still a somebody, fact is @jimmykorderas I’ve seen and heard Aftermath put over time and time again dismal #Raw, #SmackDown, wrestlers, #WWE matches & WWE PPVs when they clearly sucked, so all you are is a former WWE referee who couldn’t hack it or cut it like #TNA‘s Earl Hebner and be a referee somewhere else, so the Score is the only place where your name has any weight and your ego gets stroked because obviously WWE loves their minions who don’t know how too form or have their own ideas or opinions because you wouldn’t want to opposed #VinceMcMahon and give him and the wrtters ideas that might make their product great, No! That’s why WWE nowadays is a joke from it’s former self, but go ahead call me a troll, a smart-ass for asking WWE when was Darren Young ever great other than being WWE’s greatest jobber and a one time tag team champion, witch is fact don’t believe it watch it on #WWENetWork for Canada 11.99 or USA 9.99 oh wait there’s nothing about him, Maybe his DVD, oh wait my bad he doesn’t have that either or a bio book on his life, oh wait I figured it out Darren Young is the opposite of great, so he is just average if that


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