#People Just Don’t Get It I am fine with being Hated

People just don’t get it or me I’ve been demonized, vilified, dehumanized by the social system, be Foster or group homes A.K.A. impostor homes and I’ve gone through Cancer twice and insidious evil macabre childhood on top of that. So being hated and blocked be on Twitter or Facebook is a walk in the park, that’s fine with me because Hitler is one of the most hated, but do you know what, history still talks about him to this very day A.K.A. Skinheads and KKK and November’s 11th Remembrance Day, Jesus Christ another person who was hated, but now is one of the most recognizable names ever  but not until supposedly 300 years after his death and with the help of Constantine the great, people build churches and a whole religion around this guy, don’t forget celebrating Christmas and Easter in his name as Rome who once crucified him are now has popes honoring him and referred themselves as today’s Roman Catholics, as Catholics and Christians wanted you to remember him as a savior, be that they are the ones who sadistically tortured and killed him, Someone make sense of that if that is possible, be that Jesus came from a poor family and is the son of a Carpenter who went from a average man and parlay into what we know as the son of God. so being hated is not a bad thing be that some might say it is, another one hated Abraham Lincoln because of how he wanted to abolished slavery, he was assassinated and today we have no slaves witch is a good thing, another one who was hated Eminem for his controversial lyrics, but is now one of the most celebrated and respected rappers, must I go on with the list? Martin Luther King who wanted equality for all, Muhammad Ali for opposing the Vietnam War, Michael Jackson in the 90’s after being accused for child molestation and somewhat been vindicated since, died June 2009 but before that he was selling out This Is It tours and on top of that was one of the most iconic richest dead celebrities with Thriller still holding number one as the most sold record, Henry Ford backed the Nazi party, but his companies are still selling cars, Walt Disney was anti Semitic and racist, still  Disneyland is open as the happiest place in the world that is successively still a household name and I am pretty sure there are other infamous iconic names that get highly regard it and have played a tremendous role in our world and our civilizations development, also serial killers who we still to this day glorified and immortalized through pop culture like music, movies, TV shows and books and Donald Trump who wants to build a wall that continues to segregate and alienate the human race, as well he despicably vilifies women, color of one’s skin and one’s faith or religions and might even win the 2016’s presidency and how about suicide witch is supposed to be hated and tabooed, as well seen as the ultimate sin against God and the one’s who committed are supposed to be shun, but there are some who over glorify it and tell you that you will get 72 virgins,  on top of that the late Robin Williams who is not hated but did committed suicide in 2014, but his movies and other appearances are still aired though those who are average Joes become the Johns or Janes Does and are left to disappear, are forgotten as nobody cares, basically giving a mix messages either you’re famous or there’s fame attached to your suicide than you will get recognition for it. So again being hated is not a bad thing as some would like to make it as because I haven’t even remotely come close to anyone on this list or their accomplishments or scratch the surface, maybe some of their bad deeds or sins I’ve committed or have in common other than that even if I am  just hated on a small scale for speaking my mind, I will gladly still take it as a badge of honor, as I would rather have the freewill to speak my mind than to somber and sleepwalk thought this life of mine like most who would rather just coasted on by and disappear like a ghost or like sunlight into the darkness or night into the sunrise!


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