My Thoughts on #WWE2K17 @2K @WWE

Other than #Goldberg being in #WWE2K17 I have lost my complete faith as the last few #2K #WWE games have sucked & was a wasted of my money and my time every year therefore maybe or maybe not I will get it, but I have my doubts on this game being any good or worth buying, also to note the game has a few changes yearly but not much, as there’s always 2 to 5 wrestlers the same be 3 #Undertaker 3 #TripleH, so on and so in #WWE2K16 and you always get stiffed on the WWE 2K rosters and once you have completed the story mode what’s the point in playing it and also 2K always messes with the game play adding in things into the game that looks good but ultimately is detrimental like the chain wrestling and on top of that they make every wrestler take unrealistic punishment, as you do several finishing moves and all the OMGs, get them bloody and the body completely red and your wrestler is untouched and than they get to their one finisher like example #JohnCena Attitude Adjustment and you’re pin one, two and three and you’re sitting there going #WTF and just like me you’re asking yourself and 2K where is the logic in this game? And how can you lose just like that? So now you all can see why I am hesitant and not certain on buying WWE 2K17 as every year it’s always the same just a little repackaged, minor changes and that’s all 2K does every year with WWE games


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