#freestyle #rap Here Goes #verse two

Hey rappers

Are you still trying to find your pride?

If so, it’s like a needle in a haystack

And most of you are outdated like A-tracks

So go ahead and hate it, but this is payback

For all those who said that I would fade back

But see all your attacks on my pride

Was only seen as a minor, not even a black eye,

So quit telling everyone how you gave my ego a shiner

Or my cerebral will have a new focus

And it will be on you as I am the opposite of a recliner

That means I don’t layback until I get payback

On all you motherfuckers who gave me flack

So you can put my threats on playback

Or if you’re smart than you will stay back

Because like the grand reaper,

I have a knack to hijack souls

Mind control fans with my flows

And murder you on this mic like bare hands

As my words incite riots with every word I write

As I was born defiant, so even if I started to slurred

I still got game like I am Kobe Bryant


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