Here Goes By Tic-Tac-Toe #demo #rap verse 1

Hate me like I am a bitch and you’re a misogynist
Because if you’re looking for logic
Know it’s still left in my closet next to my last Ex
That I’ve held hostage, trapped and left in my closet
Now she, just like Farrah Fawcett is just another skeleton in my closet
Oh God! Just like Robin Williams my mind has finally lost it
so now where do I draw the line?
Because my thoughts, I toldcha are sicker than being nauseous
With verbal vomit that can be seen as being obnoxious
But what is so ironic is how I still got you all
Still snorting up my lines like they are cocaine
Addicted to my rhymes, be if I am off the wall
And leaving minds blown like Kurt Cobain
Even if my lines are getting hairy like Rogaine
As there is no line that I won’t cross
No dame that I won’t piss-off

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