Where Did All The Love Go? Revised By Songbird My #MichaelJackson #MJ like persona

Where Did All The Love Go?

By Songbird


Where did all the love go?

Because all I see, is us

Trying to reach a new low

In a world that already lacks trust

So, where did all the love go?

Where did all the love go?

Where did all the love go?


How come we only jump into action?

Show our love and compassion

When our hearts strings are being tugged

But the rest we brush under the rug

And only give a fraction of our love

And we wonder why anger is the reaction

It’s due to the lack of love that some don’t get

That leaves them feeling incensed


As we come to wanna forget

Those that can’t afford shoes on their feet

Or clothes to keep themselves warm

Or food to eat, or a place to protect themselves from storms

As we would rather kick them out onto the streets

If they can’t pay their rent, but we would go and care for the elite

As wars are kept discreet as more we go and seek

While love every day is what we cheat

Because in this world you can’t be meek

Seen as a freak or be weak

It’s why some youth grow up incomplete

Filled with hate and feeling beat


(Chorus repeats)


See there are bandannas

That makes us chose a side

Be blue or red, but the truth is

We are already all going bananas

Due to all those who wanna band us

For having an individual voice

And sees us as part of the white noise

And wanna take away our choice

And wants us to be miserable until they see

Us killing each other than they all rejoice


While on the other end of the world

There are boys and girls in their despair

Drinking dirty bacteria water

From Syria or other parts of the world

With dead mothers, children and fathers

Not chosen but they are left to suffer

As we don’t bother unless it affects us

While they constantly have to take cover

Just to survive another day

As their countries are always trying to recover

No comfort, just the hunger as they are left to wander

So again tell me where did all the love go?


(Chorus repeats)


See I don’t see myself as a reporter

But there are those who only care about the borders

While there are foreigners waking up to the horrors

Of having to dodge mortars,

As politicians are still giving out the kill order

But back here at home where it’s never over

We’ve got girls and drug dealers selling it

As thugs are getting killed on street corners

Or drunk drivers hit and run, murdering the old or the young

As we show up as mourners laying out flowers

While they are getting put in body bags every hour sent to coroners

As we are like hoarders only collecting nickels, dimes and quarters

So again where do we draw the line? Where did all the love go?


(Chorus repeats)


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