My Free-Vile-Style #rap by my @Eminem like persona Tic-Tac-Toe

Man! You don’t wanna be running off at the mouth

Because I’m like a bad case of gingivitis

And when it’s all said and done, you’ll be backing out

Or be bowing down to me like you’ve got appendicitis

Because yeah! My pen is back to being excited

Spitting lyrics that will cause a riot

And will leave you burnt like sulfuric

With the Midas touch that turns my flows into gold

And not giving a fuck if your name is Andre the Giant

I am always with the middle finger up and ready to be defiant

As you’re just an entrée for my appetite of destruction

As my only function is to rap tight, make you feel my punch lines

And not give a fuck if you’re my compadre

I’ll take your bitch and make her give me head all night

As long as she don’t leave me headless like Cecil the lion

Yeah! I don’t hesitate to take my evil rhymes to the next level

And retire you like you’re Jay Leno as I’ll play you like a Nintendo

As I’ve got this rap game in my sights like I am looking out the window

As I am not here to window shop, but leave your jaws dropped

To my thoughts that are coming atchas nonstop

As the only way my brain will stop is electro shock therapy

Or if I’ve got a red dot on my forehead or an aneurysm

But for now I see with clarity, so you better change your locks

As I am here to break an entry into this rap game

And eat these rappers alive like I’ve got cannibalism

Than lock this rap game down like an penitentiary

So try following my lyrical mannerisms, you can’t?

So don’t acted like you can, as you won’t get a second chance

Once I advance, so homies change your plans

Because if you come at me with your fangs out

It will only show that you suck like a vam-pire

So go Kurt Co-Bang-your-brains-out

Or disappear like a face on a flyer or shut your dang month

Because in layman’s terms, you’re about to do a face plant

From the rooftop to the basement and hit the pavement hard

As its career suicide to try to stop me from setting the bar

So you might just wanna sit this out and not get up in my business

Or you might just find yourself on my lyrical hit list

So if you’re smart than you will quit this

As my venom is something that you don’t wanna witness

As you won’t slow up my momentum once I spit this

So Houston we have a problem

Whitney or Bobbi ain’t gonna be able to solve them

And neither will Batman once I takeover Gotham

Like daylight robbery, so getcha selves a new hobby

Because those that thought that I was dead

Know that I was only playing possum wasn’t that obvious?

Or are you all getting sloppy? Because I might be disenfranchise

With thoughts that are so crude, but you won’t be feeling so assume

Once you realized that you will lose to me in a landslide

As you can only fantasize what it is to beat me, so take a snooze

As I am like Donald Trump and you’re Ted Cruz

So phone it in before you become my opponent

Because you don’t wanna be cornering me like a hornet

Or I’ll turn you into another chump

And make you look like old news that I left in the slumps

So do you want me to sum it up, drum it up or dumb it down?

It won’t matter because the moment that you reach the summit

I’ll make sure you that you plummeted back to the ground

And that the whole world knows that you’re the dumbest

To have ever come around as I’ve gotcha out of your element!


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