Fighter my little #poem #rap #demo verse

See I’m a bad apple cider
With no class, a school dropout
A fool that copped out, but don’t get critical
For my thoughts being cynical
As I was told that when I grow up
All I would be is nothing more than a criminal
The son of Michael Myers left on death row
And now I ride alone like a Ghost Rider
Until the moment that I’ve expired
But with the heart of a fighter
Spewing venom like a spider
And got the fire like a lighter
It’s why it doesn’t take much
For me to become an igniter
With the desire like flames to go higher
And have my name be echoed and inspire
But before that I was heckled
And told to Dream On like I’m Steven Tyler
And disappear like a face on a flyer
But here I am now still a fighter
Ready to go the next round and
Give you all another reason to admire

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