My thoughts on why I don’t want another #Relationship or why I wouldn’t date again

When will people learn and quit asking me about dating bullshit? I don’t want anything thing to do with relationships, isn’t that clear enough in my #poems or #raps or my #lyric? I would assume so, so I don’t know how my words get lost in translation. So again this is my description and perception of relationships as I have unfortunately been in two that have gone south as I find relations murky, complicated, discombobulating, treacherous, reckless, fickle and unpredictable, as well based on quality of materialistic values and not on unconditional love, as well volcanic and I’ve always been taken for granted, seen as the bad guy, the asshole well I am the one who always gets used, abused, cheated, manipulated, taking advantage of, made as the fall guy and than as always easily discarded well my ex’s go back to their fairy tale of a happy ending with their version of Mr.Right while I am seen as something that never happen or exist and was a bad dream for they suddenly awoken from well bad Karma never pays them a visit and they go forever unscaved as they could be #OjSimpson and get away with my murder if they wanted too only in hopes they get caught for some other stupid reasons, at lease my Ex’s could write a book called How I would’ve killed Curtis if I would have done it. as a mockery of injustice they have done onto me, as I will never get any restitution or a apology as they think like my last Ex they are too high up on themselves with their narcissistic, vanity, megalomaniac, egotistical, and God complex or demigod view of themselves, as my last Ex never reciprocated back my way it was all me putting 90 to 98% into our relationship as she only spread her legs one time than had the audacity to falsely accused me so she can’t get a jail free card of her being late and breaking her curfew, so instead of facing the music she tried to uses me as her fall guy, witch ultimately didn’t work in her favor, as I was acquitted, but most importantly I never did what she tried too clammed that I did, but still after all that I stupidly took her back only to be strung along for about a month and then unceremoniously dumped and replace by a trust fund, Spyder Eclipse car, knock off sport car of a online dating site of a boyfriend that she is still happily in love and our probably common law couples by now and oh should I mention how she had plagiarize a few of my poems for her school grades witch also backed fired on her and got her expelled for the rest of the school year and had too comeback and re-due her grade 12 allover the year after that she to this very day blames me for and give me hater eyes. So see I can use all the negative adjectives why I still opposed having or wanting a relationship but the best way that I can sum it up is that I am always at the end of the shiv when it comes to relationships. So again may I ask why should I date again? I am not a masochist, I don’t like to suffer or be tortured by some chick who has a an axe to grind or is just a sadist, or immature sociopath or psychopath maniac that get’s off on being a man hater and man eater or like my last Ex who’s mentally and emotionally unstable, maybe bipolar or schizophrenia or both but I am not a doctor or her psychiatrist that’s just my take on her as she can’t rationalize or have a firm grip on logic, along with being a nymphomaniac succubus tendencies which I am find with if my dick was the only think she’s fucking and sucking but sadly that’s not the case when it comes to my Ex. But somehow I am a magnet drawn to their lunacy and craziness witch is a habit that I’ve gotta break even though my last Ex was hot or a Total Knockout that I don’t regret, but she was like playing with fire and I ended up getting engulfed and burn or she was like playing Russian Roulette eventually you are gonna shot yourself in my case it was my foot. But now I am devoted and married to my craft and that’s all I want out of life the chance to create and conjure up new poems and lyrics and leave my footprint on this world lyrically as for my Ex I just leave as a footnote in my past and continue with my passion and currently beating #Cancer Not give myself more setbacks in this already turbulence that is my controversial life. Hope That makes it clear to everyone as I don’t know what else to say on this matter and it’s becoming redundant and exhausting to be repeating myself like I’ve got Tourette’s
Thanks, Take Care Bye All

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