My EX #rap #freestyle attack by my #Eminem persona Conman

See earlier this year we had reconnect
Though it may sound unimportant
But my endorphins were in full effect
As I felt the same chills when we first met
Like the first time I felt your breath on my neck
And then somehow down the line we came to disconnect
And shit between us became too perplex
As we replaced respect with disrespect
And even though you’re now a brunette
And chose to have selected memory
It isn’t that hard to forget
How you once treated me like a step
Or how our relationship was like a car wreck
But before that you had me sweep up like you were a vortex
As I once kept you close to my heart that’s why I didn’t expect
How our history would go and repeat it’s self like Tourette’s
While you would go back to being upset
And I would be back to being filled with regrets
See I thought eight years ago I had paid my debt
I guest not because all this hate you still went and collect
Even though you’re the one in the first place that left our love neglected
And like I said before you subjected me to using me like a step
If you want me to go in-depth, because see I would’ve stacked the deck
To protect what little we had, but somehow that got lost in our dialect
And hate is the side effect of loving you that got me checkmate
And why did I decide to resurrect this train wreck of a relationship?
You all can go ahead and speculate but the fact is I need my brain check
Because I knew it would only lead us to escalated
It’s why I should’ve just taken a rain check
And not have gone and answered that strange Facebook text’s that you sent
As I knew all you wanted once again was to leave my manhood emasculated
As you get off on leaving any remaining feelings we had decimated!

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