First verse of Fighter by Tic-Tac-Toe my #Eminem @Eminem like #Shady persona


By Tic-Tac-Toe


See my life is like a crash derby

Got me pissing my pants like Fergie

With so much strife and adversity coming at me full throttle

Never taking my foot off the gas, making my escape like a desperado

As I’ve now got this whole world feeling my bravado

But back then I thought my life was gonna flash before my eyes

And that I would die before I turned thirty

So don’t tell me that I haven’t earn my strips

As I was expected to exit early

But I told cancer to go and fuck its self

No pearly gates, as death can wait

And yeah I know I grew up with no role models

Just all this hate and rage I kept in a bottled

With a dad who would fondle me no matter where

Be if we were at a drive thru at Ronald McDonald’s

Or back at my parent’s condo or house or wherever he felt

Because we were always moving all around Toronto

As I always had a bruised abdominal, black eyes and a fat lip

As every day for me was another hospital trip

Another lie I had to tell, I think this time I slipped and fell

As me and my mother would rehearse it in the car

What I would say to the nurse and why I got myself a new scar

Not knowing that every time I was sent to the emergency

That my pain was getting worst, but with an uncertainty

I didn’t know I just took five dollars out of my mother’s purse

Got some candy and a can of pop to crunch my thirst

Only to go back home and at the first site of me

My dirt bag of a father would use me as his punching bag

Than run his fingers down my thighs and spread my legs

And made me wear a gag while he fucked me hard

Told me don’t beg, it will only get worst so take it like a fag

I also recalled how I once burn down my mother’s townhouse

Dress as a clown wearing her blouse claiming up the couch to the bookshelf

And went for the lighter and burn the house down to the ground

With a fridge full of cold cuts and beers and empty cupboards

Food stamps and welfare cheques dated back from the year before

So yeah it was a living hell especially going to bed with an empty gut

And only fear to wake you up


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