My thoughts on #DaredevilSeason2 @Daredevil

Hey @Daredevil Was #DaredevilSeason2 co-written by @WWE’s Raw writers? ‘Cuz this season of #DareDevil was like watching #WWE‘s build up to #WrestleMania32 it sucks especially without #KingPin played by Vincent D’Onofrio and your guys version of #ThePunisher sucks Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle / Punisher doesn’t look or acted the part, I thought Jon Bernthal A.K.A. Punisher was one of gangs stooges at most, never did I and probably like most never thought Jon Bernthal was worth playing as the #Punisher and I can’t completely rule out the King Pin as I am only on episode 7 but he so far hasn’t made an appearance of yet and also this is a boring love garbage rarely no action season 2 of Dare Devil and far from what the first season delivered. So I hope as a #Marvel and #DC fan that you guys return back to giving compelling and addictive like season one of Dare Devil because right now you guys went from Batman Begins straight to Batman Dark Knight Rises completely forgetting or overlooking the best of #Batman and that was #BatmanDarkKnight in my metaphorical opinion of this season of Dare Devil if you guys care enough for my feedback


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