My Thoughts on #AbortionDebate for @realDonaldTrump, @CNN, @AC360, @wolfblitzer, @ErinBurnett, @tedcruz, @JohnKasich, @HillaryClinton and @SenSanders

If you’re dangerous or unfit parents with a child like mine were or you can’t provide a nurturing safe home or environment for your child or children to grow up in than please have a abortion & spare that child from growing up in foster & group homes forever unloved, misunderstood and a throwaway or society’s burden basically a outcast. Also it should always be the woman’s choice though I would hope she at lease would weigh the pros and cons as well let her significant other have a voice in this matter. But No Woman should be punished for having an abortion that is their ultimate choice and they shouldn’t be demonized or dehumanized or vilified unless they are having a abortion out of vindictiveness or out of evil attentions to inflict cruel suffering either onto their significant other or out of either sadist or psychopathic or even suicidal tendencies as that child she decided to bring into this world doesn’t deserve to die because she now wants to.


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