Intro First verse 1 Can’t Change me by Tic-Tac-Toe #demo

Can’t Change Me

By Tic-Tac-Toe



Don’t see me as a charity case

But see me in a jeep Cherokee

Running over your face

Awl! Too late for you to take down my license plate

Oh! Shit I forgot to slam down on my breaks

Now what will it take to change me?

You can’t I’m stuck in my old ways

So you can’t take my place

As you can’t change me


(Verse 1)

That’s how much I am the bomb

When I am Brussels attacking tracks

Ready to sprout up on this track

And spout off at mouth, muscle these raps

Into submissions and leave them to tap out

So who the fuck are you trying to hustle?

As I am a man on a mission ready to attack

So good luck trying to bring me to justice like Kurt Russell

Because like the Hateful Eight I am slipping you poison

It’s why a bitch doesn’t go out with me on a second date

Because she’s lucky if she can walk away after we’ve tussled

And is not duct tape to a chair, locked up in my basement

Video tape on as I am recording her last statement

And if I get caught by the cops I’ll sign off on the affidavit

So save it, as you’re better off beating a dead horse

Screaming at me until you’re fucking housed

Than getting me to show any remorse

So I hate to pop your bubble, leave your feathers ruffled

But my thoughts have always been troubled

As I can’t stop I’m processed by the devil

As I’ve got you muzzled and gaged

Pulling out a shovel as you just bought the farm

But not before I hack off your arms and legs

With my axe that I just brought out of my duffle bag

So yeah lyrical thoughts made to cause harm

So bitch you’re expecting the wrong thing

If you’re expecting me to turn on the charm


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