Full Machete 2 #rap #freestyle by Tic-Tac-Toe my #Eminem @Eminem like #Shady persona

Machete 2

By Tic-Tac-Toe


All these Nancies need to quit their Ragging

Huffing and puffing like dragons

And go and have heart failure

Or trailer hitch yourself to my bandwagon

Before you homos get exposed like photos

And give me something to be bragging

Oh no, here I go again off of my rocker

And won’t flinch so don’t bother

Because I’m as vile as Flint’s water


So you better empty out your whole artillery

Because I’m Bernie Sanders to Hillary

Dead when it comes to chivalry as I don’t pander

So take this as a hit and run

Like my name is Caitlyn Jenner

As I’ll only get a misdemeanor

For taking you to the fucking cleaners

As I am far from being done, I just begun

So come on are you ready son?

Because I love it when you get mad

Like Bruce Banner

And turn into the Incredible Hulk

Or should I say into the Incredible Sulk


See I’ve got a hazardous wit

With a desire to keep coming back

Like I’ma Lazarus pit,

As I’ma head trip so disastrous

That when I was a baby I bit my mother’s tit

So maybe that explains why I’ma son of a bitch

That is still to this day throwing fits

With a knack to spit out wack raps

That is off the map and off the grid

So do you hear it? Words sharp as a shiv

As these are acid like lyrics

That will burn ya like sulfuric

And will come down on ya like a casket’s lid

Giving you another reason to fear it

Like I am an evil spirit

So abort like an unwanted kid

Because you are no reflection of me

So don’t act like you can mirror it

Just come to revere it

Because this is as close as you will get

To getting near it


See I’m not just a roadblock

But if you shoot off at the mouth

Like you are a loaded glock

I’ll be like that 70 year old man

At a Donald Trump rally ready to make a stand

As you’ll force my hand to coldcock,

And give you a fat lip like you just got Botox

Because the way I’ll rant on this page

You don’t wanna ramp up my rage

Because like a Uber driver I am on a rampage

Having you staring down my Cracker Barrel

As I am in a craze smashing bottles

While you bitches still hope that this is a faze

So approach me as confident as Demi Lovato

Because I’ve got a whole lot of Chicago bravado

As I am a desperado leaving minds boggled

So when you call me out it better not ring hollow

Or you’ll get hung up like Robin Williams

Do you follow? Because you’re like lungs

Filled up with helium as you just make me laugh


See I am no sanctuary, just a cemetery

Where rappers will get buried

So I hope someone has wrote out your obituary

As you’ll be on your last leg like Terry

As I am as crazy as a Fox

With thoughts that are so scary

That I don’t just think outside of the box

But I placed the box outside and leave it to rot

So be ready to pick out your burial plot

Because I am too cancerous, too scandalous

For you to hold a candle to this

For you to handle this

Because the way I’ll channel this

I am so gnarly and obscene

I’ll drop a piano on Charlie Sheen

And call it my final scene

Because I’m like two and a half men

Call it split personalities when I pick up this pen

As I am set once again to offend

With lyrics that are ready to trend

Slap a whore and then pull back on the levee

And watch her fall through the floor of my trapdoor

So if you don’t have a clue, this is the Serengeti

And I am a predator on the hunt ready to pounce

With a machete that’s ready to go for your jugular

Am I being to blunt? Because I am ready to pimp this

And take over Mount Olympus and the Rap Olympics

So fuck Snoop, take Dogg and flip it backwards

While you’re at it drop a G and put rap in front

And you will see why I am the new Rap God

Dropping my next single on ITunes, basting out of your IPod

With lyrical thoughts that will blow your minds like I am a typhoon

As I’ve got a façade that nobody can’t matched, so just nod and applaud

Because you won’t find a flaw when it comes to this rap!


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