Machete 2 #rap My final verse

See I am no sanctuary

Just a cemetery

Where rappers will get buried

So I hope someone has wrote out your obituary

As you’ll be on your last leg like Terry

As I am as crazy as a Fox

Because every day is the 14th of February

As I am the Valentine massacre

So be ready to pick out your burial plot

Because I am too cancerous, too scandalous

For you to hold a candle to this

For you to handle this

Because the way I’ll channel this

I am so gnarly and obscene

I’ll drop a piano on Charlie Sheen

And call it my final scene

Because I’m like two and a half men

Split personalities when I pick up my pen

As I am set to offend

With lyrics that are ready to trend

So how are you gonna defend yourself?

When I’ve got a sick mind

And my brain is ready to puke out

More rhymes at the end of my pen

So get me a pad oh wait there’s no period to this rap

Just more comas so here I go again out to cause more drama

Ready to murder you like I am Obama’s regime

And you’re Osama and I am a killing machine

Back at it like a drug phene like a drug addict

Ready to pull out the rug on all your rhyme schemes

As I can’t seem to keep my rhymes clean,

Almost cursing in every line like it’s my only theme


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