My final verse to my Reunion #rap

I could’ve bought you all the chocolates

Roses and have my face placed in a locket

And you would’ve still walk away

With your hands in your pockets

No matter how hard I plead for you to stay

As it would’ve still ended for us so catastrophic

As you only cared to profit from my pain

And watched me go down in flames

Like an airplane as I was stuck in the cockpit

Of a love that was always so toxic with no logic

Because being with you was like stepping in dog shit

And I know that I had said that line before

Which makes me wonder why I came back for another encore?

When I should’ve just walked out of the front door

Instead of putting up with your ass for 3 more months

Though I would be lying if I didn’t say

That we didn’t have electricity between us

But it more likes sticking my finger inside a light socket

As I always seem to have been the one who got burned

Because you were like North Korean ballistic rockets

Always coming my way looking to rage a war

No matter if it was four in the morning

As we were always looking to settle the score

Coming atcha each other throats without warning

As our relationship was so unhealthy

That no wonder we had crashed into an iceberg

And had hit rock bottom as we were so catastrophic

But I am not here to be mourning


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