Small #poem bu my #MichaelJackson #MJ persona Songbird

Small #poem by my #MichaelJacson persona Songbird
Called Where Do We Go #homeless #hopeless

My heart wrench
Every time I see someone all alone
Without a home sleeping on the park bench
In the rain and all drenched in their pain
Either with their hands out
Or they are pushing a shopping cart
No food for their month, just a broken heart
To keep them warm
With nobody to mourn when they are gone
Or to protect them from the storm
When it’s cold out, as they will act headstrong
As that’s the only rout that they know
As liquor is their only escape
Do you not see what’s wrong with that picture?
As there’s are those right now sleeping in cardboard box
While we go to war leaving them to kick rocks
So it doesn’t matter if you are black or white
Just know that all heart’s beat alike

So tonight is the night
Where we should show compassion
As our only action
As that’s a world that we all should imagine
So give from the heart that’s where we should start
Instead of being selfish and not helping
Those who are helpless, homeless and hopeless


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