For Upcoming Machete 2 #rap #freestyle

All these Nancies need to quit their Ragging

Huffing and puffing like dragons

And go and have heart failure

Or trailer hitch yourself to my bandwagon

Before you homos get exposed like photos

And give me something to be bragging

Oh no here I go again off of my rocker

And won’t flinch so don’t bother

I’m as vile as Flint’s water

So you better empty out your whole artillery

Because I’m Bernie Sanders to Hillary

Basically chivalry is dead to me

As this is a hit and run

Like my name is Caitlyn Jenner

As I will only get a misdemeanor

For taking you to the cleaners

And I’m not done, I just begun

So come on are you ready son?

Because I love it when you get mad

Like Bruce Banner

And turn into the Incredible Hulk

Or should I say into the Incredible Sulk

As I’m hazardous to anyone’s wit

Because I’ll keep coming back

Like I’ma Lazarus Pit

With a knack to spit out wack raps

That our off the map and off the grid

As I will also hijack your spotlight

Just to get under theses hot lights

So do you hear it?

These are acid like lyrics

That will burn ya like sulfuric

And will come down on ya like a casket’s lid

Giving you another reason to fear it

Like I am an evil spirit

So abort like an unwanted kid

Because you are no reflection of me

So don’t act like you can mirror it

Just come to revere it

Because this is as close as you will get

To getting near it


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