My #rap #Freestyle #poem called Obsession By Tic-Tac-Toe My #Eminem like persona

Hey baby when we first met

I wasn’t looking for romance

I was in a trace, so hypnotized

By your ass in those pants

Just like the first time when we dance

As I’m now left to ask why was I given a chance?

If you were just gonna come down

On me like an Avalanche and leave my heart frozen

While crumpling up my emotions

Into a ball than throwing them into the fridge ocean

As I should have seen the writing on the wall

But instead I gave you too much of my devotion

And didn’t see the corrosion that was becoming of our love

Because I was way too busy caught up in our commotions

To harp, as it was just a shoot in the dark when I fell hard for you

And now how unfortunate it is that we have become oceans apart,

Now children I want you to learn from my misfortune as that’s important

So you don’t have a bitch later on break your heart like a Trojan

As I always felt like an asteroid trying to entering her orbit

But instead I was just an explosion, a comet that exploded on impact

Without significance that crashed into the Pacific to be specific we imploded

And now how I wished I had kept my emotions dormant

But instead I just allowed you to treat me like I am a door mat

Because loving you was like torment or throwing a stone at a hornets nest

And I was way too afraid then to try to change our format

Oh wait! Please ignore that and discard that

I didn’t mean to make you upset or mad or go too far

Or do I have any regrets, I’m just sad that we didn’t last

And that we ended to fast and that I am stuck in the past

Because our romance was like a car crash

Without breaks as we were playing chicken

And didn’t take our foot off the gas

Because we were two sadomasochistic maniacs

That loved seeing each other suffer

Like two vindictive, sadistic lovers

And as much as you may say this is morbid

You know when I got under the covers

You just like me would refused to forfeit

Its why are relationship is nothing more than a game

Of cat and mouse and punishing each other in the mouth

And never stopping even when we say ouch

As you know that gets me aroused

Even when shit between us goes south

I still just wanna pull up your blouse

And get inside of you and have you call out my name

And put your nails in my back and cause me pain

And if that makes you mad and has me sleeping on the couch

I don’t care as long as you and I share the same house

You can go ahead and douse my photographs in gasoline

And watch them go up in flames along with the frames

Just don’t refrain from getting the KY jelly or Vaseline

As I would like to recapture you calling out my name

As I am not here to play footie with you tootsie

Or get into that mushy shit,

I just wanna go straight to fucking your pussy bitch

And once I get off than you can push me off and hate me

And get all pushy and acted all disgusted and scoff

It won’t matter to me once I have gone soft


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