My #rap attack #freestyle

Regardless of my darkness

And how heartless I lyrically can be

If you chose to embark on this

Than please don’t discard this

Just see me as an artist

With this pen in my hand

And me working the hardest

To making every lyric of mine trend

As that would be marvelous if you can

But I doubt it because I’m a man wearing a target

That uses my pen to spark this need to offend

Because like a predator my competitors are just a carcass

As I will go for their jugular regardless

Because in the end you don’t want no part of this

As I’m so gnarly and obscene that I’ve got no friends

Just this tiger’s blood in me like I’m Charlie Sheen

As I will come atcha like I’ma relentless machine

So don’t come at me lacking self-esteem

Or I will be attacking with this gleam in my eye

As I’m a nightmare where you will wake up and scream

So horrified that you will hope that this was all a dream

As you will come to feel so lyrically demoralized

That you will realize how mad you are

As you will be pulling out hair, keying my pictures like a car

Wishing that I’d never took this pen to the pad

Because now you’ll wanna charge me like I am a MasterCard

For being such a bastard and taking it to far

But I’ve toldcha that I’m not a ladies period, I’m a coma

So get me a pad for my thoughts to bleed out

Because my pen is crazy for the drama

And I love it when your mouth drops

And you’re going all nuts

Like a Republican does for Obama

As I will Donald Trump ya nonstop

Because like Arnold I’m never short on swagger

If anything I’m the Terminator

That’s determine to take out my haters

It’s why every word I write comes atcha like a dagger

As I will fight tooth and nail

And spit it in this rap booth with sick skills

That will make all of you goofs fail

And that’s the truth


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