So Should I continue fighting #Cancer? Before you give me your answer read this first

Too all the strangers who have given me a unwavering support against #cancer I thank you all. But I also feel that I have to explain what my life is consists of so you guys can have a better understanding of why I’m choosing to refuse anymore treatments
See by 1989 I who was 5 years old knew more about headships, adversities and strife than most could ever understand or have done to them in a lifetime.
By the time I reached 12 I’ve been in three different foster homes before placed into my first of 3 group homes and since then I have been seen as a stigma, ostracized, vilified, demonized and dehumanized. At age 12 I showed passion and interest for writing that was heavily scrutinized, also do to the fact that I was different, unique and corky. I was alienated and misconstrued, misunderstood. Only when I had got to my third group home and after a 5 year hiatus and drugging like lobotomized overdose of anti psychotics was my writing talents was somewhat accepted and that’s was the early beginnings of me going from a stigma to a enigma and that’s when I met my second Ex’s who I have a long history of falling out with but before that she was the first and probably understood me better than most as it was my first true time where I felt accepted for the skin I am in but prior though I was told that she was a troubled girl but I and my stupid hormones kept pursuing her where it all started when I was getting my hair dyed I also had note books that I wrote my poems in and she eagerly wanted to read them as well keep a few witch I didn’t know at the time that she for school project would plagiarize some of my stuff and tried to pass it off as hers witch ultimately began our friction from there on out we had many fall outs most notably when I got replaced by a rich dick whose her current fling after she fossilized rape accusation because she came in late on her curfew breaking her probation and because she was going to be consequence and have her community time taken away she tried using me as a fall guy
Well after a 8 year of absence and the one brief time when my #Facebook account went by and under my #MichaelJackson persona Songbird. did I stupidly informed her of my Cancer as well for any of my past discretion’s I tried making a mends as I though I was dying so I tried to make amends to most current people I hurt either through my verbal or actions. Well after my third cycle of arsenic cancer treatment finished up in the late of January last week I got a unexpected Facebook messaged estranged ex wishing me well and telling me not to give up and that I could beat cancer followed up with her sending me a friend request witch I stupidly accepted well we chat it for a couple days and that’s when she strangely asked me if I ever wrote on anything based on out past relationships where clearly I should have said no and maybe it would have sustain our now brief Facebook friendships a little longer but I honestly stated yes and showed her three of my poems based on her and our relationship most notable my most recent poem called Catastrophic witch I thought she would be fine with as she tried writing her own little verse trying to mirror my original
Her poor attempted verse on my first prototype of Catastrophic
Sherri Richards Someone call the paramedics this catastrophe is crushing me like a ton o bricks hard to breathe making me love sick by this pain
therefore giving me the mixed signal that she was fine with it turned out she wasn’t and has now blocked me even though she was the one who sent me a friend request if that couldn’t be any more of the definition of oxymoronic
But beyond that my life consists of TV shows, Movies, Video games. introverted, withdrawn, ostracized, misunderstood, black sheep, dehumanized and writing along with endless strife, hardships and adversities and cancer treatments
So again I must ask if you were me should I remain a masochist to this life of hardships and adversities and cancer treatments and strife?

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